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From: "Dandylion Records Collectable Films" <geff@PROTECTED>
Date: May 5th 2020

I have discovered a service where I can email you files for our collectible dvd's for $5.00 per film. If you don't mind burning your own discs, it would be a great way to save money. No postage, no cases! There is a $12 monthly set up fee for the service. If a lot of people wish to use it, I will pay the fee; If only a few, I would need to charge the fee. There would be no limit to how many of our dvd's you could order in a 30 day period at that price. In some cases, I could also include photos of cover art. In addition to saving money, it's also much safer in these days of Covid, & there is NO surcharge for using the service outside of the USA.

We continue to offer around 500 out of copyright, rare films at some of the best prices on the web: https://www.dandylionrecords.com/films.htm I also am continuing to offer them as burned dvdr's with no price increase.

We continue to accept all major cards through the Paypal Shopping Cart on the website. I can also email you a PayPal invoice.

                                                              Hope To Hear From You Soon,
                                                                  Geff & Georgy The Cat

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