Dandylion Music Talk: What Are You Listening To Or Watching Today?

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Subject: Dandylion Music Talk: What Are You Listening To Or Watching Today?
Date: November 14th 2021

Hey Thomas, good choices! I rank Crown as tied with Volunteers for their 2nd best album (Baxter's is my fav)

Neal Morse was the leader of a very good but not well known by the mainstream Prog Rock band called Spock's Beard. He found religion & left the band a few years back. He still plays great prog, though I feel the need to ignore his lyrics at times.



You got me with this one. I do not have a clue who Neil Morse is. But you have always been great for turning me onto music I was not familiar with so I do thank you. About the only things I have picked up in the last several moths were better copies of Kantner and Slick’s “Sunfighter”” and the Airplane’s “Crown of Creation” which I snagged primarily because it has the Brumus poster.



Neal Morse - The Great Adventour: Live In BRNO 2019 in 24 bit. Nice live version of his "The Great Adventure" album. I can't find detailed credits, but whoever the lead guitarist is, he really smokes.



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