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Date: October 4th 2021

I apologize for sending these out in the wrong order.



Thanks for reminding me that the Carnegie Hall Concert was recently released. My brother had purchased the bootleg LP version of this concert, but a different show than this recording. It was a 2 album set titled "Thanks For Coming Down".. as I recall. The sound quality for a bootleg LP was very good. He purchased another one and it was really poor quality, and I had doubts if it was even Neil himself. His guitar playing has gotten more nuanced. Neil's singing is great, but I do prefer his older, less high pitched vocals more. Great set, wonderful performance.



Sorry but I was in error about the bootleg LP titled "Glad Y'all Came Down". It was not a recording from Carnegie Hall, though there were bootlegs out for the other performance Neil did there. The double disc was recorded at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion LA Music Center, Los Angeles, CA on 1st February 1971. Ooops ! Too long ago for my brain.



The new Neil Young Live At Carnegie Hall 1970. It's a solo acoustic show. This is my favorite Neil period, & like the other released shows from this era, it's excellent.



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