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From: "Dandylion Records Newsletter" <geff@dandylionrecords.com>
Date: February 1st 2021

I have a question for you: 1 thing I think all Dandylion Subscribers have in common is a passion for music & in some cases film.

I have been on 2 internet music boards & have had issue with the moderation on both.

With a bit of work, I can potentially add a moderated interactive discussion list to this email program. It would be more primitive then the big boards, but it would be ours. (No worries, only subscribers who want to be on the list would get the messages).

My thinking is to create a safe place where we can talk about our excitement over music & film; share great pricing and access to rare (legal) items, warn each other about subpar products & just have fun discusion while so many of us are homebound.

Having never used this feature, I'm not sure how many sub-lists we'd be able to have. As there's only 1 of me to moderate at this time, I'm thinking of keeping it to a minimum, but am open to ideas!

My question is would you be interested participating? I am interested in pursuing this, but only if there are a significant # of folks who would participate, as setting it up would cost me some money. Speaking of which, it would be advertising free, though perfectly ok to mention strong sales & bargains from ANY retailer.

I'd really appreciate a reply from anyone who is interested. I don't yet have a definate # in mind, but I would hope to start with at least 100 people. If you just respond to this email I will receive it.



                                                Geff (-:

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