Woodstock 3 Disc Blu-ray Set (Dandylion Records)

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Subject: Woodstock 3 Disc Blu-ray Set (Dandylion Records)
Date: December 17th 2016

This offer is sold out. Sorry!

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This is a very limited repeat of a sold out offer from last year. I only have 4 sealed copies of this. I wouldn't usually send an email for 4 pieces of one item, but I'd like to offer this item for Xmas gifts!

This is the best Region A (North America) blu-ray version of Woodstock ever released. I kept 1 of them & have watched everything except the documentaries (which I have already seen)

It includes ALL the Target & Amazon "bonus tracks", & disc 1 is in 48/24 hi-res audio (discs 2 & 3 are 44/16 pcm (cd quality) or Dolby 5.1.

I don't have an exact total time, but it's over 9 hours.

Discs 2 & 3 includes both all "bonus performances" that have ever been released on any version of "Woodstock"; + a number of features & documentaries. It does NOT include the Woodstock Diary dvd or Woodstock Johanna DVD exclusive tracks, though it does have a few from each of those.

I only have 4 copies, official & factory sealed from Warner Brothers Canada. I want to offer them to you, instead of on ebay (& it is not because of the ebay fees, it's because this is so cool, I want 4 of our regulars to get them!)

Price for each is $13.99 shipped in the USA (an amazing deal for a 3 blu-ray set of this quality!).

The first 4 people who write & are prepared to make immediate payment by card or Pay Pal get them.



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