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Date: August 4th 2016

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2 1/2 months after my move I'm finally in the finishing stages of getting the Dandylion Office set up!

My current plan is to start sending you sale newsletters each one including portions of all of our remaining 3000+ cd inventory at blow out prices! (Hopefully starting within around 2 weeks)

I plan to largely leave ebay, & focus on our collectable films & collectable, import & hi-res (as opposed to super inexpensive) cd's; but first I've got a lot to sell; & the bargain pricing is only going to be offered through this newsletter!

Please watch your inbox; I'm guessing the 1st list is about 2 weeks away

BTW, if you are not subscribed to our collectable film newsletter & would like to be, please write back & let me know!

                                                                Geff (-:

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