Changes At Dandylion Records

From: "Dandylion Records Collectable Films" <geff@PROTECTED>
Subject: Changes At Dandylion Records
Date: January 20th 2017

There are quite a few! The most obvious is the appearance upgrade of this Newsletter. Due to security issues (no email addresses were compromised in any way; I caught the issue early), I had to upgrade to the current software, which I haven't done in years; as the older version was much more compatible with our dated website.

As far as the newsletter, unsubscribe will be slightly different. There is now a button on the bottom right. It will take you to a webpage where you can unsubscribe.

Either of our lists, Dandylion Records Newsletter or the collectable films list can be subscribed to here:

I apologize that new subscribers now need to solve a puzzle first. That is the security fix to keep the bad guys out.

You can still view past newsletters here:

And there is a new feature called "Forward To a Friend" that makes it easy to send a specific past newsletter to one of your friends one time (though it does require solving the same puzzle as to subscribe).

Other new things: We are no longer on ebay at all. There will be several more cd liquidation lists in the coming months, then I will turn my full attention to our collectable film newsletter.

On a sad note, my beloved Dolly cat passed away unexpectedly just over 2 weeks ago at the young age of 6. Fortunately, Georgy cat seems to be in good health.


If you are reading this, I would like to greatly thank you for your support over the years & hope you are well!



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