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Date: February 17th 2016

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Hi, I wanted to let you know that I'm going to be moving in the next 1-3 months & we'll probably be down for 2 weeks - 1 month at that time; but I am still gladly accepting orders now.

Barring an amazing deal offered to me on new cd's or dvd's; I have almost totally gotten out of the official dvd business, & plan to do the same with cd's if at all possible.

Which will hopefully finally give me the time to start going through the huge backlog of collectable films I have sitting here & offer them to you!

I do have a few new titles at this time. The one I'm most excited about is a very nice print of a 1948 Boris Karloff Civil War film i had never heard of until this week, called taproots. This specific dvd authoring is exclusive to Dandylion, & is in English with no subtitles.

Karloff plays the closest thing to a "hero" in the film, a very dignified Native American (a rarity in 19448!). It's a good film, not a great one; but as a Karloff collector i was thrilled to get something new in this quality (One of my "holy grails" is a QUALITY Colonel March set; Criterion are you listening?!)

Here's the latest titles:

Come Fill The Cup (1951 James Cagney 2 DVDR) James Cagney

Der Letzke Akt (The Final ACT 1955 German With English Subtitles PAL ) Foreign

Dodsworth (Fair Quality) Misc

Double Confession (1950) Peter Lorre

Escape Me Never (Ida Lupino Errol Flynn 1947) Ida Lupino

In Jenan Tagen 1947 (German W English Subs) Foreign

Never Fear (Directed by Ida Lupino) (Fair Qulity) Ida Lupino

Outrage (Directed By Ida Lupino 1950l) Ida Lupino

Son Of Maryam (Hindu W/English subs; some players have issues with the subs; BE WARNED) Foreign

Tap Roots (1948 Boris Karloff Van Heflin Excellent Quality PAL No Subtitles) Boris Karloff

The Glass Web (Edward G Robinson) Edward G Robinson

The Strange Woman (Hedy Lamarr) Hedy Lamarr

The Web (1947 Vincent Price) Film Noir

Topper (Cary Grant Loretta Young) Misc

Unheimliche Geschichten 1932 (AKA The Living Dead Paul Wegener German with Hard Coded English Subs; PAL) Foreign

Yours For The Asking (1936 George Raft Ida Lupino) Ida Lupino

And for the full list, please go here: http://www.dandylionrecords.com/films.htm

We have had to add a small increase to USA shipping, as the USPS hit us with their highest 1 year domestic postal increase in history.

1 cd is $4.00 (with or without case); multiple cd's are $4.50 for the 1st pound, & $1.00 each additional pound.


To order, please respond to this email.

 Hope to hear from you soon, Geff

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