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Date: March 21st 2013

To order, please just reply to this email If for any reason you don't hear back within 24 hours an alternate email address for us is dandylionrecords@gmail com

It's been a really long time since I sent anything to you (it looks like the last full list was late in 2010!), & I apologize The reason is a combination of I'm still horribly behind in cataloging literally hundreds of titles, & also as the major studios have started selling "On Demand" burned discs for $20 a pop, many films that were once considered in the public domain are no longer legal for us to sell; & I'm going to need to find time to check every film on the master list for that issue before offering the main list again

Which brings us to today's list:

Back in the day, I used to also sell these films at "record shows" at least twice a year When you ordered from our list, just like the studios, I custom made your order But for the shows, I obviously had to burn the film, print cover art & put the package together in a dvd case Since I've stopped doing the record shows, it literally dawned on me today that I'm sitting on quite a few films so here's your chance to get some really cool & hard to find stuff cheap!

All single films on this list are $5 00 each including case & cover art (The regular price was $10 in 2010) + shipping (in the USA 1 DVD is $3 50, more than 1 is $4 00 for the first pound + $1 for each additional pound) I'm glad to ship outside of the USA, but be warned, international postage has gotten really expensive!

The only exceptions price wise are the 8 disc complete Betty Boop set which is $20, & the 2 Norma Shearer 8 disc collections, which are $15 each

Quantities are limited at this price to stock on hand Just like our regular newsletter, you'll find the number in stock at the end of the listing in ()

Because it's been so long since you've received one of our collectable film mailings, I want to be very clear, these are burned discs! All films are North America NTSC format & region free

Here's the list, I will add some brief comments to many of the titles (which I haven't done in the past) I'm also going to be sending out a similar clearance list of collectable concert dvd's; if you'd like to receive that list please let me know!

* Alraune - Hard to find Brigitte Helm vehicle from 1928 with Paul Wegner (English subtitles) $5 00 (1)

* Betty Boop Complete - Excellent quality, includes all known Boop cartoons on 8 discs It's a travesty that there has been no official release of this collection In the jazz section also includes the performances from the original cartoons from Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong & more $20 (1)

* The Blue Dahlia - Wonderful Veronica Lake thriller from a great source $5 00 (1)

* Burning Soil - Hard to find Murnau silent has never had an official release English subs $5 00 (1)

* Crime & Punishment - Nice print of one of Peter Lorre's very few straight dramatic roles Also stars Marion Marsh Great film! $5 00 (1)

* Get Yourself A College Girl - 60's British comedy with musical stars The Dave Clark 5, The Animals, Stan Getz, Jimmy Smith & more $5 00 (4)

* He Who Gets Slapped - One of Lon Chaney Sr's best non horror performances, as a circus clown Co-stars the sadly unremembered Norma Shearer Very nice print $5 00 (2)

* Hold On - Herman's Hermits musical comedy vehicle $5 00 (2)

* I Married A Witch - Great Veronica Lake comedy $5 00 (1)

* Island Of Doomed Men - 40's horror thriller stars Peter Lorre Think White Zombie without the Zombies This isn't the best print, but it's watchable $5 00 (1)

* Just A Gigolo - Marlene Dietrich's last film role stars David Bowie $5 00 (2)

* Koko The Clown - Excellent quality with 10 of Koko's pre-Betty Boop silent toons If I remember right, I believe I added a 20's Duke Ellington soundtrack to this one $5 00 (1)

* Let Us Be Gay / Smilin' Through - 2 1930's Norma Shearer classics on 2 discs $5 00 (1)

* Love 'Em & Leave 'Em - Louise Brooks silent If I remember correctly, not the best print, but very hard to find $5 00 (1)

* Bela Lugosi Rare Films Volume 1 - Includes somewhat mediocre prints of 2 hard to find Bela silents: The Midnight Girl & Daughter Of The Night Also includes the Karloff/Lugosi promotional chess match $5 00 (1)

* Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter - 60's Herman's Hermits musical comedy $5 00 (4)

* Overland Stage Riders - one of Louise Brooks 2 talkies; co-stars John Wayne! Not the best print, but it is Brooksie! $5 00 (1)

* Planet Of Storms - The superior original 1962 Russian Sci-Fi thriller that Roger Corman cut up & managed to turn into several b-pics This is the very hard to find original, before Corman got his paws on it Russian with English subs $5 00 (1)

* Norma Shearer 8 Film Collection Volume 1: 1924-1932 - Includes He Who gets Slapped, Student Prince, Their Own Desire, The Divorcee, Private Lives, A Free Soul, Strangers May Kiss, & Strange Interlude Co-stars include Clark Gable, Lon Chaney Sr, Robert Montgomery, & more A couple of the discs came loose in the case & have some very light scratches, so we're offering you our only copy of this great 8 disc set for $15 + shipping (1)

* Norma Shearer 8 Film Collection Volume 2: 1934-1940 - Includes Riptide, Barretts Of Wimpole Street, Romeo & Juliet, Marie Antoinette, Idiot's Delight, Escape, Her Cardboard Lover, & We Were Dancing Co-stars include Clark Gable, Charles Laughton & more A couple of the discs came loose in the case & have some light scratches, so we're offering you our only copy of this 8 disc set for $15 + shipping (1)

* Song Of The South - Yes, it's racist, & because of that it's unlikely to ever see official release This is the complete version The picture quality is good We also have a different version if you would prefer that I would have to custom make for you; it has better picture quality, but it's from an Asian laser disc & has permanent Asian subtitles The version we're offering here has no subtitles & the picture quality is still quite watchable $5 00 (5)

* Student Prince Of Old Heidelberg - Excellent silent melodrama from Ernst Lubitsch stars Norma Shearer Very good print $5 00 (1)

* The Thirteen Steps - Early pre Dracula Bela Lugosi who done it directed by Tod Browning, who also did Dracula & Freaks $5 00 (1)

* Tonka - Disney Cowboys & Indians classic $5 00 (3)

* Wings - Clara Bow silent classic taken from a fine laser disc print $5 00 (1)

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