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Date: October 7th 2012

Collector's Horror & Sci-Fi burned DVD-r's

All films below are out of print in the US & are on burned dvdr's

Prices are Movie only $6 00 per disc (sent safely)

Movies & either DVD case or cd jewelcase (your choice) $7 per disc & case

Movie & case of your choice with cover art (quality of cover art will vary depending on what's available) $10

To the best of my knowledge, every film on this list is currently unavailable in the USA on commercially released dvd You may notice this list is quite a bit smaller than last years; the major studios are also releasing many of their rare titles on burned disc (for 2-3 times what we charge), & anything in this category I am aware of has been removed from out list for legal reasons The following are all rare collector's films In most cases the quality is quite a bit higher then what you'll find on ebay (the few that I'm aware of that are below average are indicated), but also in many cases the quality is slightly-somewhat lower then a major studio dvd I'm always glad to answer any questions about the source and quality of any film on the list before you order The films are on burned dvd-r's Most films are in USA NTSC format A few are noted as being in European Pal format We can concert either, but the original format is usually slightly higher quality All are region free A few have menus, most have chapter stops but no menu

Alraune (Brigitte Helm) (Silent)(below average quality) Behind The Mask (1932 Boris Karloff) Bela Lugosi: Mondo Lugosi Documentary Bela Lugosi: The Fallen Vampire Documentary Carnival of Sinners (1943) (aka La main du diable) Cesare Borgia aka Lucrecia Borgia (1923 Conrad Veidt) Deluge (1933 Italian Dubbed With English Subs; ONLY print in existance) Devil's Island (Boris Karloff) Devious Path aka Abwege (1928) (Brigitte Helm GW Pabst) Dracula Prince of Darkness (Hammer 1966) Edison Collection #1 Includes Frankenstein 1910 Edison (quality varies) silent Edison Collection #2 Includes Frankenstein 1910 (quality varies) (silent) Eyes of The Mummy (Emil Jannings Pola Negri Dir Ernst Lubitsch 1922) Face Behind The Mask (1941 Peter Lorre) Fear (1917 Robert Wiene Conrad Vedit) (Below average but watchable) Flesh & Blood 1922 (Lon Chaney Sr) Genius At Work (1946 Bela Lugosi) Gold (1934 Brigitte Helm Fair Quality german with hard burned English subs) I Married A Witch (NTSC or PAL) (1942 Veronica Lake) L'Inferno aka Dante's Inferno (1911 Italy) Lost World (excellent quality Lumivision Eastman 60 minute Restoration) (1925) Maciste In Hell (1925 tinted 65 minute) Mad Genius (1931 John Barrymore Marian Marsh)(Loose remake of Svengali) Mask Of Dimitrios (1944 Peter Lorre) Mistress of Atlantis (Brigitte Helm, English Version)(fair quality) Mysterious Island (1929 John Barrymore) Night Gallery Return Of The Sorcerer (1972 W Vincent Price) Night Of Terror (1933 Bela Lugosi Poor Quality) Nightbirds (1970)) One Million B C (1940 Lon Chaney, Jr ) Outward Bound (Helen Chandler Leslie Howard) (1930) Phantom Of The Rouge Morgue (1954 PAL) Planet Of Storms (1962 Pavel Klushantsev) Return Of The Apeman (Bela Lugosi)(adequate quality) Scared To Death (Bela Lugosi Color Higher Quality Then PD) Scary Cartoon Collection 1930's Souls For Sale (1962 Vincent Price Poor Quality) Star Dreamer Pavel Klushantsev Documentary Student of Prague 1926 (Conrad Veidt) (NOT Alpha version, higher quality then Alpha) Thale (Norwegian With English Subs) The Beast With Five Fingers (1946 Peter Lorre) The Best Man Wins (1935 Bela Lugosi Fair Quality) The Clairvoyant (Claude Rains, Fay Wray 1935) The Cosmic Monster (1958) The Cyclops (1957 Lon Chaney Jr) The Death Kiss (Bela Lugosi Higher Quality then Alpha PD) The Gamma People (1956) The Invisible Menace (1938 Boris Karloff) The Last Warning (1929 Laura LaPlante, Paul Leni Fair Quality) The Mad Magician (1954 PAL Vincent Price) The Magician (1926 Paul Wegener) The Magnetic Monster (1953) The Midnight Girl (1925 Bela Lugosi couple glitches early in the film; Scary Cartoon Collection 1930's The Shadow (1933) The Silent Command (Bela Lugosi 1923)(adequate quality) (silent) The Sorcerers (1967 Boris Karloff) The Story Of Mankind (1955 Vincent Price) The Thirteenth Chair (Bela Lugosi, Dir Todd Browning) (Silent) The Unholy Night (1929 Lionel Barrymore, Boris Karloff in small role) The Vampire Bat (1932 Fay Wray Lionel Atwill) Thoughtcrimes (PAL) Vampire Circus (1971) (Pal) (or NTSC with slightly lower quality) Horror Voodoo Man (Bela Lugosi; adequate quality) Weird Tales (1919 Conrad Vedit) (2 versions, b/w or tinted; poor-fair quality) Zebo Zovyot (aka Niebo Zowiet) (1959 Russian W English Subs

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