Dandylion Records Classic Film Collector's DVD-R List #8

From: "Dandylion Records Collectable Films" <geff@PROTECTED>
Date: November 21st 2010

Please reply to this email to order If you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, our alternate email address is dandylionrecords@gmail com

Welcome to our 8th collectible classic film list, here's a chance to find some great classic films that you can't get at the local Best Buy! We have quite a few new titles for you & our prices continue to be the lowest on the internet

It's been 3 years since i sent out a new list The reason is the entire time I've been behind on cataloging over 500 of our collectible titles I'm still way behind, but since the holidays are approaching & it's been 3 years since we sent the last list, I decided to send this out; you'll find a TON of new additions since the last list in 2007 The last list featured 362 films (some of which we've since removed due to official release on dvd), & today's list features 635

All films are out of print in the US & are on burned dvd's Prices range from $6-$10 per film depending on your preference of case & artwork

Due to the length, I'm attaching our list as an Excel file If you're unable to open it, please let me know & I can resend to you as a regular plain text email

To the best of my knowledge, every film on this list is currently unavailable in the USA on commercially released dvd These are collector's films that we're offering to you on dvd-r In most cases the quality is quite a bit higher then what you'll find on ebay (the few that I'm aware of that are below average are indicated), but also in many cases the quality is slightly-somewhat lower then a major studio dvd I'm always glad to answer any questions about the source and quality of any film on the list before you order The films are on burned dvd-r's Most players made in the last 6-7 years will have no problems with them, some older machines might have some difficulty In most cases I'm using the "-r" format, but please let us know if your machine specifically requires either "+r" or "-r" We are using highest quality Taiyo Yuden discs when available, or high quality Verbatim discs if we're out of Taiyo's Most films are in USA NTSC format A few are noted as being in European Pal format All are region free A few have menus, most have chapter stops but no menu

If any of the above doesn't make sense, please email us with your question

If you are a collector & have films to trade, my current want list includes a quality copy of Trial Of Mary Dugan, many Norma Shearer Silents & almost any Brigitte Helm films in English

I promise to always give my honest opinion on quality If a particular film is only available with poor video quality, just ask & you'll know before ordering I find this important, because in the course of pursuing this hobby, I've been repeatedly disappointed by films I was told had "8 out of 10" quality & were half that at best

I suggest the following 2 sites for detailed plot descriptions, complete list of actors & more for almost all the films below: http://www allmovie com/ http://www imdb com/

Again, I will be glad to answer any questions on the source & quality of any films you're interested in I'll also be glad to answer any other questions on the films I'm familiar with Also, please feel free to email any want lists

Pricing is inexpensive (I've seen web sites asking well over $30 for some of these films!) & really simple as follows:

Movie only $6 00 per disc (sent safely)

Movies & either DVD case or cd jewelcase (your choice) $7 per disc & case

Movie & case of your choice with cover art (quality of cover art will vary depending on what's available) $10

Multiple disc sets will have only 1 charge for case &/or cover art

Shipping will vary based on weight We will keep it as low as possible In the USA, 1-2 dvdr's with no case would be $3; heavier packages are $4 for the first pound & then $1 per additional pound

To order, please email us with the films you'd like, type of case, artwork preference & your zip code for shipping I'll send you back a total Unlike the regular newsletter, supply is pretty much unlimited, you will get all that you order!

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