Dandylion Music Talk: What Are You Listening To Or Watching Today?

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Subject: Dandylion Music Talk: What Are You Listening To Or Watching Today?
Date: May 1st 2021

I think the Abcko Stones SACD hybrids played in SACD mode on a good player are the best sounding USA Major label SACD's ever.

That said, I'll keep an eye open for Mickboy.

APO, AF, etc have done better, but not the big 3 (or are they down to 2 now?) I believe Abcko is really an arm of Universal? It's hard to keep track of all the corporate acquisitions!



I am still working my way through bootlegs. I just listened to both the Doc Ebbetts and Mirror Spock versions of the White Album and may go for a review on them later on. But I also started hitting the Stones. My two favorite labels here were Sister Morphine and Torn & Frayed. Both benefitted from top notch hands on the board – Sister Morphine’s Cool, Cool Hand and T & F’s Mickboy. I would give an edge though to the Mickboy remasters. It is a hard row to hoe to pick a Mickboy favorite but “Only When It’s Frozen” would be a top contender. This was his remastered version of the stereo “Aftermath” with some bonus cuts thrown in o Disc 1 while Disc 2 presented songs covering the 1966-1969 period. Mickboy used both UK and US pressings as a source. His remasters have a full wide open sound with vocals front and center, drums and bass to the fore and guitar and keyboards to the back. This set came out in 2001 and beat the 2003 Abko releases by a country mile. It still holds up today as one of the best remastering jobs ever.



More of last night's box.

Second half of American Beauty, Wake Of The Flood, Mars Hotel, & if I can stay awake long enough Blues For Allah.



Grateful Dead - 192/24 digital "Complete Studio Album Box"

So far played Anthem Of The Sun & Aoxomoxoa. Starting Workingman's Dead & if I can stay up long enough, would play American Beauty. IMO, this is the best sounding studio Grateful Dead ever released. I've been buying the DE's as they get released for the concerts & one has a different mix; but this set has much better sound.

Though speaking of the DE's, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Skull & Roses. Oddly, while all the GD released during Jerry's lifetime has been issued in hi-res; none of the original live albums other than Steal Your Face have come out in 24 bit. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Flash Drive #40 which I'm listening to now has a ton of Dead on it, so that will be prominent in my posts for awhile.



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