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From: "Dandylion Records Newsletter" <geff@dandylionrecords.com>
Date: May 26th 2018

Dandylion Records Privacy Policy


Here's the short version:


1. We do not use cookies. I don't know for sure if our email program, Dada Mail does. Most likely, it would only use cookies if you create a Dada profile.


2. At anytime to unsubscribe from any of our newsletters, please click the "automatically unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the email, or please email us.


3. Here's the information that is saved. Individual information is NEVER shared.


A. I am legally required to provide total sales figures to the USA IRS, & Washington State (USA) sales figures along with "city shipped to" to the Washington State DOR.


B. I personally save all emails that aren't spam sent to Dandylionrecords.com


C. All order information & records.


D. Email addresses of our newsletter subscribers. Your IP address is also temporarily logged when subscribing to one of our newsletters.


E. Our postage vendor & the US postal service gets an e-record of all addresses that I send a package to (name, address, date, weight, value if insured).


F. Pay Pal & our credit card vendor (Intuit) may save other information. That is beyond our control.


That should cover it!


                                  Geff Ratcheson
                                  Dandylion Records

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