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Date: January 12th 2018

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Hope this year's Winter weather hasn't been too weird for you! We've been pretty fortunate in Western Wa state, it's been pretty "normal" for us; if anything a bit better than normal.


While this list is another small pull from my personal collection; + 4 new titles, their are still over 500 titles left on our liquidation sale; below are links to our remaining clearance.


Used cd's from my collection on this list are all in excellent condition, as are our blu-rays. DVD's vary from very good - like new.


USPS Postage is going up again. I'm not going to raise our rates at this time; I am unable to offer free shipping on the liquidation items, though.


Current USA rates remain $4.00 for 1 cd, or $4.50 first pound, then $1 each additional pound.


Here's links to the remaining liquidation items, & the 1st pull from my collection:


Pull's from my Collection #1

CD's - J-M http://www.dandylionrecords.com/J_M__CD_Sale.htm

CD's - N-R http://www.dandylionrecords.com/N_R__CD_Sale.htm

CD's - S-V http://www.dandylionrecords.com/S_V.htm

CD's - W-Z http://www.dandylionrecords.com/w-z_cd_sale.htm

CD's - Reader's Digest, Starbucks & Timelife http://www.dandylionrecords.com/Time_Life.htm

CD's - Various Artists Compilation - http://www.dandylionrecords.com/VA_CDS.htm

CD's - Classical http://www.dandylionrecords.com/Classical_CD.htm

DVD's & Blu-rays http://www.dandylionrecords.com/dvd.htm


In this issue:

CD's (all)


*** Jimmy Barnes - Live AT Rockpalast (Sealed 2 cd & 1 USA Format DVD: UK release) - Hard to find import only release from the Australian singer-songwriter & former Cold Chisel Front Person. 21 Tracks. Repertoire 126721. $15.29


*** Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet - Remastered edition of their biggest hit cd. Includes You Give Love A Bad Name, Livin' On A Prayer, Never Say Goodbye & more. Mercury/CBS Club 70000. $3.00


*** David Bowie - Heroes - The second in the Bowie/Eno trilogy, this includes the great title track, Sons Of The Silent Age, Beauty & The Beast & more. 1999 remaster. Virgin /BMG Club 5219908. $5.00


*** David Bowie - Lodger - The last of Bowie's 70's collaborations with Eno. 1999 remaster includes Boys Keep Swinging, Yassasin, Red Sails, DJ, Look Back In Anger & more. Virgin/BMG CLub 521909. $5.00


*** David Bowie - The Singles (3 CD's) - Rare 3 disc version of this out of print collection features 35 tracks from Space Oddity through Never Let Me Down. Includes Changes, Ziggy, Rebel Rebel, Heroes, Fashion, & lots more. 9 songs are from his 80's EMI releases. Adds the Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth single, & has the harder to find original superior version of Cat People & The version with Bowie & Queen both singing on Under Pressure. Excellent condition! Ryko 10218/19. $23


*** Jack Bruce - The Bottom Line (2 cd's) - Previously unreleased 1980 Late Show with Billy Cobham & band. Includes White Room, Born Under A Bad Sign, Theme From A Imaginary Western, Sunshine Of Your Love & more. Probably the best released show from this version of Bruce's band. I'm only selling it (at a loss) because after buying this, I bought the hi-res download, which I prefer. Played once. Bottom Line 819376021829. $9.00


*** Dire Straits - Brothers At Arms (Sealed SACD/CD hybrid) - Audiophile version of their huge hit cd. I haven't heard this, but it is well reviewed for sound quality. Features So Far Away, Walk Of Life, Money For Nothing & more. Not the remaster. We're lower than the best price on ebay, & it's listed at just under $300 on Amazon. Vertigo 602498714980. $9.00


*** Duke Ellington - A Drum Is A Woman (France issue) - Another one I'm selling due to purchasing a hi-res download. This is the original France cd release (it wasn't available in the USA until this century. This has been treated with the Audioprism green pen for sound quality. CBS France 4713202. $4.50


*** Melissa Etheridge - Memphis Rock & Roll (Target Expanded Edition) - Yet another I am only selling due to buying the hi-res download played twice. While a cover album, this is her best in years. This Target exclusive version includes 3 bonus trax: You're Good Thing, I Know A Place, & these Arms Of Mine; + Memphis Train, Respect Yourself, Hold On I'm Coming, I've Been Loving You Too Long & more. Stax 888072016415. $6.99


*** Mo Foster - Bass Themes (Sealed UK issue) - Long out of print 30 track release. This is lower priced than any new copy on ebay or Amazon. Angel Air UK 5055011703490. $11.99


*** Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is - His first (& best) cd. Includes Every Little Kiss, the title track & more. This has been treated with the Audioprism green pen for sound quality. RCA 5904. $3.00


*** King Crimson - Ladies Of The Road (Australia 2 cd set) - 1971 set. disc 1 is concert recordings: Pictures Of A City, Cirkus, Groon, 21st Century Schizoid Man, In The Court Of The Crimson King & more. cd #2 has 11 variations of 21st Century Schizoid Man, called "Schizoid Men". Fruit Gum Australia 9396310539929. $8.99


*** King Crimson - Live In Detroit 12/13/71 (Australia issue) - 1 disc edition. Pictures of A City, Sailor's Tale, Ladies of The Road, 21st Century Schizoid Man, In The Court of The Crimson King, more. Fruit Gum Australia 9396310869702. $6.00


*** King Crimson - Live At Plymouth 5/11/71 (Australia issue) - 1 disc edition. Pictures of A City, Sailor's Tale, Ladies of The Road, 21st Century Schizoid Man, In The Court of The Crimson King, more. KC Collector's Russia 230303001. $5.00


*** King Crimson - Live In Detroit 12/13/71 (Australia issue) - 1 disc edition. Pictures of A City, Sailor's Tale, Groon, The Creator Has a Master Plan, more. KC Collector's Russia 09000302. $5.00


*** Marillion - Misplaced Childhood (UK 2 CD Set) - 1998 Expanded remaster. As you'll see from the price tag, I paid $30 for this in 1998. Includes their best known album with Lavender Blue & Kayleigh on cd #1, & both the Freaks EP & An entire album of demos in cd #2. This was treated with a professional black version of the audioprism pen for sound quality. EMI UK 7243497003421. $11.00


*** Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson - 1971 cd includes the classic long version of Jump Into The Fire, Coconut, Without You & more. RCA/BMG Club 4515. $3.00


*** Joan Osborne - Relish - 1995 cd includes one of my favorite songs, One Of Us. Also features bluesy material like St Teresa & Right Hand Man. This has been treated with the Audioprism green pen for sound quality. Mercury 314526699. $2.00


*** The Police - "The Police" (2 CD Set) - Out of print 28 song set is their best greatest hits set. 2003 remaster. Includes all the hits & lots of album cuts: De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Roxanne, Message In A Bottle, Walking On The Moon, Don't Stand So Close To Me, Every Breath You Take, Wrapped Around Your Finger, & lots more. Includes the slip cover. A&M/BMG Club 221664. $8.00


*** Chris Stainton - Tundra (Sealed) - Very hard to find on cd; I owned a UK LP for years until I found this (& kept 1). Stainton played with Joe Cocker both in the Grease Band & in the Mad Dogs & Englishmen band. Think a somewhat prog (& superior) solo Stevie Winwood. Recommended! Prog 803114. $10.99


*** Shari Ulrich - Everywhere I Go - (Canada Only CD) - Shari's most recent from 2014 is also one of my favorites. Also features her daughter who plays on it, mixed it & co produced it. Very nice music; all new songs somewhat on the folky side. Borealis Canada 12282. $5.99     or new/sealed $14.99


*** Neil Young - Decade (2 cd's) - what a great 70's collection! Originally a 3 LP set, this includes 35 hits - Sugar Mountain, Broken Arrow, Cowgirl In The Sand, Southern Man, Ohio, Old Man, Like A Hurricane, Needle & The Damage Done, Harvest, Mr Soul, Cinnamon Girl, Down By The River & lots more. This is the non remastered edition in 1 thin 2 cd jewelcase. This is an excellent value! This has been treated with the Audioprism green pen for sound quality. Warner 27233. $9.50


*** Various Artists - Singles - Great Soundtrack features Seattle Music. Highlights include Chloe by Mother Love Bone (the cd is worth getting just for this!), Paul Westerburg - Dyslexic Heart & Waiting For Somebody (In my opinion Westerberg's best work ever), Pearl Jam - Breath, Love Mongers (Heart) - Battle Of Evermore & lots more. This has been treated with the Audioprism green pen for sound quality. CBS 52476. $2.50


*** Various Artists - Woodstock 2 (2 cd's) - Original edition of the nice compilation includes several songs not on the 4 cd box set. Includes Jimi Hendrix - Jam Back At The House, Izabella, & Get My Heart Back Together; Jefferson Airplane - Saturday Afternoon & Eskimo Blue Day (much better then the studio version in my opinion), CSNY - Guinnevere, 4 + 20, & Marrakesh Express; Melanie - Beautiful People & Birthday Of The Sun; Mountain - Blood Of the Sun & Theme From An Imaginary Western (another awesome version!); + more. This has been treated with the Audioprism green pen for sound quality. Atlantic 075678198120 $8.50



*** Frida - Really excellent bio-pic of the 20th century painter stars Selma Hayak. IMPORTANT: please make sure your player's firmware can play discs with the 2011 Cinavia copyguard. Mine can't. My neighbor's player played it perfectly. It is basically new; it was only played for about 3 minutes. Really excellent bio-pic of the 20th century painter stars Selma Hayak. Recommended. Miramax 065935572534. $5.00


*** Midnight In Paris blu-ray - IMPORTANT: please make sure your player's firmware can play discs with the 2011 Cinavia copyguard. Mine can't. My neighbor's player played it perfectly. It is basically new; it was only played for about 3 minutes. Not only is this 2011 film Woody Allen's best in years (decades?), but imo it ranks up there with his best work: Annie Hall, Manhattan, Stardust Memories, etc. The plot is hard to briefly explain; it's a combination of his trend to pay tribute to Ingmar Bergman, comedy & time travel sci-fi. Allen does not act in this one. Highly recommended (I bought a dvd for the 2nd time when I learned I couldn't play this). Sony 38523. $4.99


*** Peter Gabriel - Live in London (Open but unplayed Blu-ray) - Features DTS HD 5.1, LPCM Stereo (bit rate not specified) & lossy dolby. 23 songs: Intruder, Biko, Digging In The Dirt, Mercy Street, Red Rain, Solsbury Hill, In Your Eyes, Don't Give Up, more. Live versions of the hits with an orchestra. Much better than I expected; I bought the box set! This is a cutout. Eagle 33909. $6.00


*** Warm Bodies blu-ray - Zombie meets girl. Zombie decides not to eat girl. Zombie falls in love with girl. Is it mutual???? Digital copy & Ultraviolet are likely expired. Quebec 19068. $4.00


*** All Of Me (Sealed DVD) - 1984 Steve Martin / Lily Tomlin comedy. Trimark 70013. $2.00


*** Angels With Dirty Faces (DVD) - 1938 film is one of the very few James Cagney / Humphrey Bogart collaborations. Also stars Pat O'Brien, Ann Sheridan & The Dead End Kids. I find the DE Kids a bit irritating, but still enjoyable due to the rest of the stellar cast & director Michael Curtiz. Out of print. Warner 69012. $7.00


*** Arthur C Clarke Collection (8 DVD Box Set) - It's a "7 wonders of the world" made for TV sort of documentary box set. I've only played 2 of the 8 discs; it's not my cup of tea. But if this sort of thing is up your alley, here's a chance for a hard to find set at a great price! ITV 64705. $9.00


*** Ed Wood (UK Region 2 PAL) - Very entertaining film starring Johnny Depp as the infamous b-filmaker. Also stars Sarah Jessica Parker as his girlfriend. Martin Landau makes the film with his portrayal of Bela Lugosi. For collector's this is the ONLY version that included the special feature "when Carol met Larry"; which the Wood Estate pulled before USA dvd/blu release. Please note USA/Canada residents MUST have a region free player to view this. Vista UK 8017188885997. $8.00

*** The Ghoul - (DVD) - 1933 Karloff horror thriller is a real overlooked gem, & while it's just a LITTLE BIT behind the Mummy & Frankenstein in quality, this is an absolute must for Karloff fans & collectors; especially at this price! This is not the public domain edition from the dollar store, but the restored MGM edition. basic theme combines greedy relatives wanting to inherit a dead old man's fortune & occult horror surrounding his death (& resurrection??!). Only played once or twice, I replaced it with a UK blu-ray. MGM 88853. $5.00


*** Grand Hotel (DVD) - Fun 1931 all star film with Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, & both male Barrymore's: John & Lionel. Won the best picture Academy award. Includes a making of Documentary & more. Only played once, I replaced it with a blu-ray. Warner 50842. $4.00


*** Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (2 DVD Set) - This was the official video companion to the How The West Was Won CD set. Includes 1970-1979 concerts, + extras. The slip cover is a little beat up, & the discs are light-moderately scratched. Atlantic 970198. $6.50


*** Little Caesar (Sealed DVD) - Classic Eddie Robinson 1930 Gangster film. One of the best of the genre, I've come to the conclusion that EGR is the best USA actor of the first sound period, if not the entire sound period (imo, his only American male peer is silent film star Lon Chaney Sr). Also includes a featuerette, a Spencer Tracy short, a cartoon & more. This is a cutout. Warner 67215. $4.00


*** The Lost World 1925 Silent Version (DVD) - This version is from the George Eastman House, & while at 62 minutes considerably shorter than the various Shepard restorations (Image, Fox, Flicker Alley), I have seen all of the versions out there & this one has MUCH better picture quality; again the difference in quality is NOT subtle! At any rate it comes highly recommended & is long out of print! I was really quite surprised to find this, as it was oop when i got mine from a video store liquidation back in 2006. This comes in a cd sized jewelcase. This is my personal copy, & the video rental store's logo is on he label side of the dvd. Comes in a cd Jewelcase with cover art as released. Disc condition is around 7 of 10. Lumivision 98192. $4.00


*** The Lost World 1925 Silent Version (DVD) - There's a bit of an interesting story behind this. A 62 minute version was beautifully restored by Eastman House & issued on dvd several years ago by a small company called Lumivision. The Lumivision release is now out of print & very hard to find. It was a gorgeous restoration, but with the chopped up short running time it was really hard to follow the plot. This version as restored by David Shepard & released by Image adds an additional 31 minutes of footage, & the story makes much more sense. Unfortunately, Sheperd was not allowed access to the Eastman restoration, so while watchhable the picture quality on the Image is not up to the standards of the Lumivision edition. Image 0319. $4.00


*** The Old Dark House - This pre-code Karloff comedy horror film has got a ot going for it. Definitely precode; Karloff in a human monster role he rarely played other than in Frankenstein, & until the recent Cohen blu-ray this out of print Kino dvd was the version to own. Kino/Image 01132. $6.00


*** The Orloff Collection (Sealed 4 DVD Box Set) - Out of print Horror exploitation set from Jesse Franco. Includes The Awful Dr Orloff, Dr Orloff's Monsters, Orloff & The Invisible Man, & Revenge Of The House Of Usher. Image 014381255126. $20.


*** Petrified Forest (DVD) - The classic 1936 film that while not his first, was really the film that launched Humphrey Bogart's career. The story goes that Bogart starred in the play with leslie Howard & when Warner signed Howard for the film he demanded that Bogart come with as a package deal to play the role of Duke Mantee. Add bette Davis & the rest is history! For fans of Bogart, Davis & classic film in general, this one is essential. Includes a featuerette, a cartoon, commentary & more. Warner 65226. $4.50


*** Point Pleasant (3 DVD Set) - Contains the one complete season (13 episodes), + 5 unaired episodes. Demon girl comes to small town..... 1 disc was played once. Fox 18545. $5.00


*** The Public Enemy - One of the absolute classic Warner Brothers Gangster films. 1931 film stars James Cagney, Jean Harlowe & Joan Blondell. This is the film that made Cagney a star as young street tough Tom Powers. Also includes the full Warner "Night at The Movies" set of bonus features. If you are into this genre, this film is a must own! Warner 69062. $5.00


*** The Roaring Twenties DVD - Though they were both stars in the Warner Brothers Gangster films, this is one of the few Humphrey Bogart & James Cagney made together. Another essential for genre fans, this 1939 film also gets the full Warner "night at the movies" treatment with newsreels, cartoons, shorts & more. Warner 69082. $4.00


*** Sunset Boulevard (Sealed 2 DVD Set) - A true classic, this 1950 Billy Wilder film stars aging silent film star Gloria Swanson as an aging silent film star dealing with fading from stardom. Erich Von Stroheim plays her devoted admirer & chauffeur & William Holden plays her young love interest in this wonderful & strange Noir. I can't imagine a classic film collection without this one. Includes a making of & more. Centennial Collection Sealed 2 dvd set with 1 disc of extras. Paramount 38984. $6.00

*** Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Sci-Fi Classic stars Peter Lorre & Joan Fontaine. Widescreen with lots of extras. Fox 44352. $4.50


*** White Heat (Sealed DVD) - 1949 Cagney classic is one of the very few great post code gangster films. Also stars Virginia Mayo, a must for classic film fans. Tons of extras, it gets the full "Warner night at the movies" treatment. Full screen, this is a cutout. Warner 67235. $6.00


*** Who Framed Roger Rabbit (2 DVD Set) - My all time favorite animated film (well other then Betty Boop!), Stars Bob Hoskins along with an all star cast of "Toons" from all the major studios. You'll see Bugs, Mickey, Yogi, a great caricature of Veronica Lake & many more along with the above mentioned Ms Boop. Really entertaining! Deluxe packaging, Your choice of Widescreen Or Fullscreen; Commentary & 6 featurettes. Touchstone 07338. $5.50


*** World On A Wire (Criterion Restored Edition Sealed 2 DVD Set) - Rainer Fassbinder's only sci-fi film; often compared to a Phillip Dick novel. I'm a huge Fassbinder fan, & while quite out there, this may be his most accessible film. Includes a documentary, an interview with an Fassbinder "expert" & more. Film runs 3 1/2 hours +. $29.95 list price. Criterion 09211. $17.81


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