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New Titles 7/22/17:

Dr. Socrates (1935 Ann Dvorak OK Quality) Ann Dvorak
In the Presence of a Clown (Ingmar Bergman 1997 Swedish With English Subs) Foreign
Nora Helmer (Fassbinder German W/ Permanent English Subs, Poor Quality, Pal) Foreign
Presence Of A Clown (1997 Ingmar Bergman Swedish With English Subtitles) Foreign
Secret Of Madam Blanche (1933 Lionel Atwill, Irene Dunne) Pre-code
Shadow Of Angels (Fassbinder Fair Quality German W English Subs) Foreign
The Black Hussar (1931 Conrad Veidt German W English Subs) (Fair/OK Quality) Conrad Veidt

New Titles 3/26/17:

After 5 In The Jungle /Nach Fnf- M Urwald Pal German W English Subs (Franke Potente) Foreign

Born To Love (Constance Bennett 1931 OK Quality) Pre-code

Café Elekric (1927 PAL Marlene Dietrich German With English Subs issing Last Reel) Marlene Dietrich

Ducks & Drakes (Bebe Daniels, Library Of Congress Print) Silent

For Better For Worse (DeMille, Gloria Swanson 1919) Silent

From Caligari TO Hitler (German With English Subs) Documentary

Girls About Town (1931 Kay Francis OK Quality) Kay Francis

Paris Waltz (1948 Yvonne Printempts) Foreign

The House Of Hate (1918 Serial 2 DVDR, Pearl White) Silent

The Restless Sex (Marion Davies, LOC Print) Marion Davies

To Mary With Love (Myrna Loy 1932 Poor Quality) Pre-code

New titles 2/16/16:

Come Fill The Cup (1951 James Cagney 2 DVDR; Only has audio in 1 channel) James Cagney

Der Letzke Akt (The Final ACT 1955 German With English Subtitles PAL ) Foreign

Dodsworth (Fair Quality) Misc

Double Confession (1950) Peter Lorre

Escape Me Never (Ida Lupino Errol Flynn 1947) Ida Lupino

In Jenan Tagen 1947 (German W English Subs) Foreign

Never Fear (Directed by Ida Lupino) (Fair Qulity) Ida Lupino

Outrage (Directed By Ida Lupino 1950l) Ida Lupino

Son Of Maryam (Hindu W/English subs; some players have issues with the subs; BE WARNED) Foreign

Tap Roots (1948 Boris Karloff Van Heflin Excellent Quality PAL No Subtitles) Boris Karloff

The Glass Web (Edward G Robinson) Edward G Robinson

The Strange Woman (Hedy Lamarr) Hedy Lamarr

The Web (1947 Vincent Price) Film Noir

Topper (Cary Grant Loretta Young) Misc

Unheimliche Geschichten 1932 (AKA The Living Dead Paul Wegener German with Hard Coded English Subs; PAL)

Yours For The Asking (1936 George Raft Ida Lupino) Ida Lupino


New list sent to subscribers with 11 new titles 3/26/17. Shipping rates updated 1/16.

Please check availability with us before paying! Click here to email us.

Welcome to our 11th full list!

First I apologize that it's been so long since you've received a new
list. There are 2 reasons, both having to do with compiling the list:

1. I've been getting a ton of new new stuff, & keeping up on logging it
in is quite a chore!

2. More importantly, the film industry has developed a trend of limited
burned releases of collectable films in the $15-$20 range. Once any
major studio has released a film in digital format, the basically own
the copyright to it; so I've had to go through every film on our list
with a fine tooth comb to insure to the best of my ability that all
copyrights are being respected.

That said, if you believe you are the rights holder to any film on this
list (or work for a company that owns the rights), please let me know &
I will remove the film. I have no intention to violate anyone's
copyright with this list!

Today's list still has a whopping 584 very hard to find films! All films
are either out of print in the US (or only available on a poor quality
public domain label) & are on burned dvd's. 

Prices are Movie only $6.00 per disc (sent safely in a paper sleeve)

Movies in a dvd case with no cover art are $7 per disc 

Movie & case with cover art (quality of cover art will vary depending on
what's available) $10

+ our regular USA shipping rates: $4.00 for 1 dvd, or $4.50 1st pound + $1
each additional pound. Free shipping in the USA with a $50 minimum

International shipping is actual postage + a $2.50 handling fee.

International customers please note: for the 4th year in a row,
the USPS has dramatically raised international postage in late January.
We apologize; though this is 100% beyond our control.

To the best of my knowledge, every film on this list is currently unavailable in the USA on commercially released dvd. These are collector's films that we're offering to you on dvd-r. In most cases the quality is quite a bit higher then what you'll find on ebay (the few that I'm aware of that are below average are indicated), but also in many cases the quality is slightly-somewhat lower then a major studio dvd. I'm always glad to answer any questions about the source and quality of any film on the list before you order. The films are on burned dvd-r's. Most players made in the last 10 years will have no problems with them, some older machines might have some difficulty. Please let us know if your machine specifically requires either "+r" or "-r". 

JVC recently sold Taiyo Yuden to CMC, and as I feared, the quality of TY discs has dropped somewhat. We are currently using Media Supply Optodisc "-'s" & CSC Taiyo's "+'s" as our default discs, as I am not aware of any top quality blanks still on the market. We have a FEW of the JVC Taiyo Yuden's left. If you wish your order to be burned on them, there will be a $3.00 surcharge per disc, please let me know when you order. 

Most films are in USA NTSC format. Some are noted as being in European Pal format. We can convert from PAL to NTSC, but there will be a slight loss of quality, & it does take some time. All are region free. A few have menus, most have chapter stops but no menu.

If any of the above doesn't make sense, please email us with your

If you are a collector & have films to trade, my current want list
includes many Norma Shearer Silents, the hardest to find Fassbinder
German TV films with English subs & almost any Brigitte Helm German film
with English subs that is not on this list.

I promise to always give my honest opinion on quality. If a
particular film is only available with poor video quality, just ask &
you'll know before ordering. I find this important, because in the
course of pursuing this hobby, I've been repeatedly disappointed by
films I was told had "8 out of 10" quality & were half that at best.

I suggest the following 2 sites for detailed plot descriptions, complete 
list of actors & more for almost all the films below:

To order, please email us with the films you'd like, & case & artwork
preference. I'll send you back a total. Unlike the regular newsletter,
supply is pretty much unlimited, you will get all that you order!

Here's our early spring 2017 list!

Ann Harding

Right To Romance (1933 Ann Harding)
The Life Of Vergie Winters (1934 Ann Harding)

Babara Stanwyck

Gambling Lady (1934 Barbara Stanwyck)
Witness To Murder (1954 Barbara Stanwyck)
A Lost Lady (1934 Barbara Stanwyck)
Ever In My Heart (1933 Barabra Stanwyck)
His Brother's Wife (1936 Barbara Stanwyck)
So Big (1932 Barbra Stanwyck)
The Gay Sisters (1942 Barbara Stanwyck)
The Locked Door (1929 Barabra Stanwyck)
The Night Walker (1964 Barbara Stanwyck)

The Barrymores

Long Lost Father (John Barrymore Helen Chandler) (1930)
Looking Forward (1933 Lionel Barrymore)
Mad Genius (1931 John Barrymore Marian Marsh)(Loose remake of Svengali)
Mysterious Island (1929 John Barrymore)
The Unholy Night (1929 Lionel Barrymore, Boris Karloff in small role)
The Sea Beast (1926 John Barrymoere)

Basil Rathbone
A Notorious Affair (1930 Basil Rathbone) 
Lady Of Scandal (1930 Basil Rathbone)

Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi #1 (Midnight Girl / Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan) (Low Quality)
Bela Lugosi: Mondo Lugosi Documentary
Bela Lugosi: The Fallen Vampire Documentary
Broadminded (1931 Bela Lugosi in a partially featured role)
Devil's In Love (1933 Loretta Young, + Bela Lugosi in minor role)
Genius At Work (1946 Bela Lugosi)
Night Of Terror (1933 Bela Lugosi Poor Quality)
Return Of The Apeman (Bela Lugosi)(adequate quality)
Scared To Death (Bela Lugosi Color Higher Quality Then PD)
The Best Man Wins (1935 Bela Lugosi Fair Quality)
The Death Kiss (Bela Lugosi Higher Quality then Alpha PD)
The Midnight Girl (1925 Bela Lugosi couple glitches early in the film;
otherwise very good quality)
The Saint's Double Trouble (1940 Bela Lugosi)
The Silent Command (Bela Lugosi 1923)(adequate quality) (silent)
The Thirteenth Chair (Bela Lugosi, Dir Todd Browning) (Silent)

Bette Davis

Cabin In The Cotton (1933 Bette Davis)
The Sisters (1938 Bette Davis)

Boris Karloff

Colonel March (All 26 Episodes, 7 DVD-r, poor quality)
Colonel March Episode 14 The Silver Chair (1956)
Colonel March Investigates (1952 Boris Karloff Fair Quality)
Graft (1931 Boris Karloff)
House Of Rothschild (1934 Boris Karloff)
Last Of The Mohicans (1920 Wallace Beery; Boris Karloff has minor role;
Night World (1932 Boris Karloff Ginger Rogers)
The Sea Bat (1930 Boris Karloff in minor role)
The Venetian Affair (1967 Boris Karloff Ed Asner) (Poor quality)
Two Arabian Knights (1927 Mary Astor Boris Karloff)

Brigitte Helm

Alraune (Brigitte Helm) (Silent)(below average quality)
At The Edge Of The World (Fair Quality) (1927 Brigitte Helm)
Devious Path aka Abwege (1928) (Brigitte Helm GW Pabst) 
Gold (1934 Brigitte Helm Fair Quality German with hard burned English
Mistress of Atlantis (Brigitte Helm, English Version)(fair quality) or
French Version W English Subs Excellent Quality
The Wonderful Lies Of Nina Petrowna (1929 Brigitte Helm Fair Quality)


Betty Boop Complete Republic Box (8 DVD)
Betty Boop Documentary
Felix The Cat 15 Rare Toons 1920-1959
Ko-Ko The Clown 1927-1929 (Silent, pre-Betty Boop)
Scary Cartoon Collection 1930's
Spooky Tunes & Eerie Melodies (1929-1959 Scary Cartoons)

Clara Bow

Black Oxen (1923 Clara Bow Corinne Griffith) (only ok quality)
Capitol Punishment (1925 Clara Bow)
Dancing Mothers (1926 Clara Bow)
Dangerous Curves (1929 Clara Bow) (Fair quality)
Free To Love (1925 Clara Bow)
Get Your Man (1927 Clara Bow) (Only fair quality, missing part of the film as all existing copies are said to be)
Hoopla / Hoop-la (1933 Clara Bow)
Hula (1927 Clara Bow) (fair quality, some pixelization)
Lady Of Whims (Clara Bow 1925)
Love Among The Millionaires (Clara Bow 1930)
My Lady Of Whims (Poor Quality ) (1925 Clara Bow)
No Limit (1931 Clara Bow) (Fair Quality)
Saturday Night Kid (1929 Clara Bow) (adequate quality)
The Wild Party (1929 Clara Bow)
True To The Navy (1930 Clara Bow)

Conrad Veidt

Bella Donna (Conrad Veidt 1934 Fair Quality)
Cesare Borgia aka Lucrecia Borgia (1923 Conrad Veidt)
Impetuous Youth (1926) Conrad Veidt) (poor quality, has VHS counter on
Merry Go Round (1920) (Title Cards in German only) (Conrad Veidt (Fair
Opium (1919 Conrad Veidt Poor Quality German Intertitles Only)
Passing Of The 3rd Floor Back (Conrad Veidt 1935 adequate quality)
Student of Prague 1926 (Conrad Veidt) (NOT Alpha version, higher quality
then Alpha)
Weird Tales (1919 Conrad Vedit) (2 versions, b/w or tinted; poor-fair
Wife's Crusade (1926) Conrad Veidt) (German Intertitles, poor quality,
has VHS counter on bottom)

Constance Bennett
After Tonight (1933 Constance Bennett)
Bed Of Roses (1933 Constance Bennett)
Sin Takes A Holiday (1930 Constance Bennett)
Son Of The Gods (1930, Constance Bennett)

D.W. Griffith

Home Sweet Home (DW Griffith 1914)
Idol Dancer (D.W. Griffith Richard Barthelmess 1920)
The Love Flower (1920 Carol Dempster Dir DW Griffith) (Silent)


Song Of The South (Disney 1946)(2 Versions; higher quality with
hardcoded Asian subs, or good quality with no subs)
Tonka (Disney 1953)


Alfred Hitchcock Doucumentary
Cinema Europe (Silent Film Documentary 6 Disc)
Clara Bow Documentary
Complicated Women Pre-Code Documentary
Irving Thalberg Documentary
Leslie Howard Documentary/Skeleton Frolic 1937/Weird TV Commercials
Myrna Loy Documentary
Star Dreamer Pavel Klushantsev Documentary 
Woody Allen: A Life In Film

Edward G Robinson

A Dispatch From Reuters (1940 Edward G Robinson)
All My Sons (1948 Edward G Robinson Arthur Miller)
Big Leaguer (1953 Edward G Robinson)
Hole In The Wall (1929 Edward G Robinson) (Only Ok Quality)
I Loved A Woman (1933 Edward G Robinson, Kay Francis)
Night Has A Thousand Eyes (Edward G Robinson) (Either From TV Higher
Quality but writing on screen or PAL slightly lower quality)
Nightmare (1956 Edward G Robinson)
Outside The Law (1930 Edward G Robinson Fair Quality)
Sammy Going South (aka The Boy Ten Feet Tall) (PAL 1961)
Silver Dollar (1932 Edward G Robinson)
The Sea Wolf (1941 Edward G. Robinson)
The Whole Town's Talking (1935 Edward G Robinson)
Tight Spot (1956 Edward G Robinson Ginger Rogers)
Unholy Partners (1941 Edward G Robinson)

F.W. Murnau

Burning Soil (FW Murnau) (silent)
Der Gang in De Nacht (FW Murnau Conrad Veidt 1921 German Titles Poor

Fay Wray

Ann Carver's Profession (1930 Fay Wray)
Below The Sea (1933 Fay Wray)
Black Moon (1934 Fay Wray)
Captain Thunder (1930 Fay Wray)
Dirigible (1931 Fay Wray)
Four Feathers (1929 Fay Wray)
Pointed Heels (1929 William Powell Fay Wray) 
The Bowery (1933 George Raft Fay Wray) (Fair Quality)
The Clairvoyant (Claude Rains, Fay Wray 1935)
The Finger Points (1931 Fay Wray)
The Unholy Garden (1931 Fay Wray)
The Vampire Bat (1932 Fay Wray Lionel Atwill)
The Wedding March (1928 Fay Wray Eric Von Stroheim)
Thunderbolt (1929 Hard Coded Spanish Subtitles) (Joseph Von Sternberg)
ViVa Villa (1934 Fay Wray)
Wildcat Bus (1940 Fay Wray)
Woman In The Shadows (Fay Wray 1934)

Film Noir

A Cry In The Night (1956 Natalie Wood)
Criminal Court (1946 Robert Armstrong Robert Wise)
Fingers At The Window (1942 Basil Rathbone)
Nazi Agent (1942 Conrad Veidt
The Man Between (1953 James Mason PAL)
The Suspect (PAL 1944 Charles Laughton) 
The Woman In White (1948 Sidney Greenstreet)


A Place On Earth (Russian English Subs PAL)
Anita Tanz De Lasters (Pal German English Subs)
Baal (Fassbinder German English Subs)
Bewildered Youth (1957 German W English Subs PAL)
Borderline (1930 British PAL)
Catherine (1924 Renoir PAL)
Celestial Wives of The Meadow Mari (PAL Russian W English Subs)
Das Herz der Konigin (Mary Queen Of Scotts) (PAL German W English Subs)
Das Neus Babylon (1929 PAL)
De DoDes Tjern (1958 PAL)
Destiny Of A Man (1959 PAL Russian With English Subs)
Die berren Dracula aka Dracula and Son (1976 PAL French With English Subs)
Die Brucke/The Bridge 1959
Die Rote/Redhead (1962 German With English Subs PAL)
Die Unberuhrbare (PAL)
Dreileben (PAL 3 DVD)
Egon Schile (PAL)
Entuziasm (PAL 3 DVDR)
Evenings on a farm near Dicanka (Russian With English Subs PAL)
Family Portrait (1962 Italian W English Subs)
Funeral Parade of Roses (PAL English Subs 1969)
Germany In Autumn (German With English Subs, PAL, Fassbinder)
Guele D'Amour aka Lady Killer (1937 PAL English Subs Jean Gabin)
Haytabo (German W English Subs 1971 PAL)
Hedy Lamar Secrets Of A Hollywood Star (PAL German W English Subs)
Het Mes / The Knife (PAL Dutch W English Subs)
How I Killed A Saint (PAL)
It Happened On July 20th (1955 G.W. Pabst)
Kolberg (1945 Paul Wegener)
Kuhle Wampe (PAL)
La Chienne (1931 Renoir PAL)
La Fin Du Monde / End of the World (1931 PAL Abel Gance)
La Parfum de la Dame en Noir (The Perfume of the Lady in Black) (French W/ English Subs) (PAL)
Le Mysttere de la Chambre Jaune (Mystery Of The Yellow Room) (PAL)
Le Silence De La Mer / The Silence Of The Sea (French W English Subs)
Liebeli (1933 German With English Subs PAL)
Limite (1931 English Subs PAL)
Los Olvidados (Luis Bunuel PAL Spanish English Subs)
Love One Another / Bride Of Glomdale (Carl TH Dreyer PAL)
Lovely Rita (PAL)
Lust For Love (PAL German)
Madchen In Uniform (German W English Subs Fair Quality 1931)
Mechte Navstrechu (1963 Russian with English Subs)
Mozart: A Childhood Chronicle (German, 1974, 2 disc)
My Friend Ivan Lampshin (PAL or NTSC)
My Little Princess PAL, French W English subs)
Ni Liv (Norwegian English Subs PAL)
Only One Night (1939 Ingrid Bergman)
Orbis Pictus (PAL Czech With English Subs)
Quartet (PAL 1981)
Rita's Last Fairy Tale (Pal Russian With English Subs)
Road To Life aka Puryovka v zhizn (Russian 1931 Fair Quality, partially subtitled)
Salt For Saventi (PAL 1930)
Satan Leads The Dance (PAL French With English Subs)
Schiller: The Poet As A Young Man (PAL German)
Sing As We Go / Love Life & Laughter (PAL)
Solaris (1968 Russian TV Version With English Subs, PAL)
Spring/Becha (1971 Russian With English Subs PAL)
Street Aquaintances (1948 German With English Subs)
Strohfeuer (PAL German With English Subtitles)
Strosstrupp 1917 (1934 PAL)
Syskonbadd 1782 / My Sister My Love (PAL Swedish W English Subs 1966)
The Dawns Here Are Quiet (Russian 2 DVD9 -> 4 DVD5 (Movie parts 1 & 2 on 2, extras on 2)
The Overcoat (1959 Russian With English Subs PAL)
The Prison (1949 Ingmar Bergman PAL)
The True Story Of Lili Marlene (PAL)
The Vampire Collection (1957 Spanish)
Thunder Rock (1943 PAL) 
To Whom Does The World Belong (1932 German with hardburned English Subs)i)
Trace Of Stones (DEFA PAL)
Trumstadt (PAL German Language Eng subs on screen logo)
Under The Bridges (1945 PAL German)
Victory Of Faith (PAL)
What? (1972 Roman Polamski PAL)
Wojna Swiatow (PAL)
Women Of New York (Fassbinder German W/ English Subs, Fair Quality)
Wrong Move (German W English Subs Wim Wenders PAL)
Yesterday (PAL Polish With English Subs)
Leibelei (German W English Subs 1932
Nara Livet aka Brink Of Live (1958 Ingmar Bergman PAL)

Foreign Horror

Amphitryon (German 1935 PAL 2 Disc W English Subs)
Carnival of Sinners (1943) (aka La main du diable)
Krabat : The Sorcerer's Apprentice (PAL)
Lover Of The Monster (Klaus Kinski English Subs 1974 PAL)
Nightbirds (1970))
The White Reindeer (PAL 1952)
Year of The Wolf (PAL With English Subs)

Foreign Scifi

Planet Of Storms (1962 Pavel Klushantsev)
Zebo Zovyot (aka Niebo Zowiet) (1959 Russian W English Subs

Foreign Silent

Able Gance Documentary
Asta Nielsen - Hamlet & Die Dilmprimadonna (PAL 1921)
Carl TH Dreyer: Love One Another / Bride Of Glomdale (PAL)
Comic Actresses & Suffragettes 1910-1914 (Italian Titles with Optional Englsish Subtitles)
Der Var Engang (Dreyer 1922) (PAL)
Fear (1917 Robert Wiene Conrad Vedit) (Below average but watchable)
Great White Silence/South 90 Degrees (Silent PAL)
Hungarian Rhapsody (1928 US edition of German silent)
Kameradschaft (Comradeship) (German English subs) (Dir GW Pabst)
King Of The Centre Forwards (1927 German Silent with optional Enlish Titles)
La Fantome du Moulin Rouge (1925)
Les Fables De Starewitch 1922-32 (French W English Titles PAL)
L'Inferno aka Dante's Inferno (1911 Italy) (choice of Tangerine Dream Version or 2007 restoration) (PAL)
Maciste In Hell (1925 tinted 65 minute)
Madness Of Dr Tube (1915)
Master Of The House (1925 Carl Dreyer) (PAL)
Mocny Czlowiek (AKA A Strong Man) (1929)
Mod Lyset (Asta Nielsen PAL)
Napoleon 1927 (5 1/2 Hour Version) 4 dvdr (PAL)
Nathan der Weise (The Wise) (1922 PAL German & Engish Titles)
Nerven (1919 PAL)
Page Of Madness (1926)
Po zankonu (aka By The Law 1926 PAL)
Realm of 6 Dots (1927 PAL German)
Revanche (German PAL)
Student of Prague 1913 (NOT Alpha version, higher quality then Alpha) (Hard Coded French Subs & Optional English Subs)
The City Without Jews (Die Stadt Ohne Juden) (1924 german)
The Crime Of Dr Crespi (PAL)
The Eleven Devils (1927 PAL German)
The Lady & The Monster (PAL)
The Mask Of Dijon (PAL)
The President (Carl Dreyer 1919) (ex quality Pal or fair quality NTSC)
The Seashell & The Clergyman (PAL 1928 France)
The Treasure (GW Pabst) (Silent, German & French subs only)
Turkseib (1929) Salt For Svantia (1930) (Russian With English Subs PAL)
Underground (1927 jittery motion)
Von Morgens Bis Mitternachts / From Morning Till Midnight (1920 English Subs)
Westfront 1918 (GW Pabst 1929) (NTSC or PAL)

Fritz Lang

The Wandering Image (1920) (Title Cards in Spanish only) (Fritz Lang)
(Very Poor Quality, has VHS counter on bottom) 
You & Me (1938 George Raft, Fritz Lang) (NTSC or Pal, Pal higher

George Raft

Johnny Angel (1945 George Raft)
Pick Up (1933 George Raft Sylvia Sydney)
The House Across The Bay (1940 George Raft)

Greta Garbo

2 Greta Garbo Documentaries
A Woman Of Affairs (Greta Garbo Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 1928) (Silent)
As You Desire Me (1932 Greta Garbo Erich Von Stroheim)
Conquest aka Marie Waleska (1937 Greta Garbo)
Inspiration (1931 Greta Garbo Robert Montgomery)
The Joyless Street (Greta Garbo Dir GW Pabst 1925) (Silent) (USA NTSC or
Expanded PAL)
Two Faced Woman (1942 Greata garbo0


Deluge (1933 Italian Dubbed With English Subs; ONLY print in existance)
Dracula Prince of Darkness (Hammer 1966)
Half Human (1958 John Carradine)
One Million B.C. (1940 Lon Chaney, Jr.)
Phantom Of The Rue Morgue (1954 PAL)
The Gamma People (1956)
The Shadow (1933)
The Woman In Black (1989)

Humphrey Bogart

Bad Sister (1931 Bette Davis Humphrey Bogart) (Adequate Quality)
Call It Murder (Humphrey Bogart Fair Quality)
Deadline USA (1952 Humphrey Bogart) 
Great O'Malley (1937 Humphrey Bogart)
Isle Of Fury (1936 Humphrey Bogart)
It All Came True (1940 Humphrey Bogart)
Knock On Any Door (Humpry Bogart 1949)
Love Affair (1932 Humphrey Bogart)
Men Are Such Fools (1938 Humphrey Bogart)
One Fatal Hour aka 2 Against The World (1936 Humphrey Bogart)
Racket Busters (1938 Humphrey Bogart)
Stand-In (1937 Humphrey Bogart)
Swing Your Lady (1938 Humphrey Bogart)
The Big Shot (Humphrey Bogart 1942)
The Oklahoma Kid (1939 Humphrey Bogart)

Ida Lupino

Beware My Lovely (Ida Lupino 1952)
In Our Time (1944 Ida Lupino)
Pillow To Post (1945 Ida Lupino)
The Light That Failed (1939 Ida Lupino)

James Cagney

Boy Meets Girl (1938 James Cagney)
Ceiling Zero (1936 James Cagney) (NTSC or Pal higher quality)
Devil Dogs Of The Air (1935 James Cagney)
He Was Her Man (1934 James Cagney Joan Blondell)
James Cagney Documentary
Shake Hands With The Devil (1959 James Cagney)
Sinner's Holiday (1930 James Cagney, Joan Blondell)
The Irish In Us (1935 James Cagney)
The Time Of Your Life (1948 James Cagney)


3 Films with Louis Armstrong + shorts
Glory Alley (Music By Louis Armstrong) (1952)
Goin' Places (Dick Powell Music By Louis Armstrong) (1939)
Jam Session (1944 Ann Miller Louis Armstrong Charlie Barnet)
Paris Blues (1961 Paul Newman)
Reveille With Beverly (1943 Duke Ellington Count Basie)
The Strip (Mickey Rooney Music By Louis Armstrong) (1951)

Joan Crawford

Autumn Leaves (Joan Crawford) (1956)
Flamingo Road (1949 Joan Crawford)
The Story Of Esther Costello (1957 Joan Crawford)
They All Kissed The Bride (1942 Joan Crawford)

Katharine Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn Documentary

Kay Francis

Dr. Monica (1934 Kay Francis)
Mary Stevens, MD (1931 Kay Francis)
The Vice Squad (1931 Kay Francis)

Leni Riefenstahl

The Blue Light (1932 Leni Riefenstahl) (NTSC combination of US & German

Lillian Gish

Judith Of Bethulia (1914 DW Griffith Lilian Gish)
The Scarlet Letter (1926 Lilian Gish Dir Victor Seastrom)
The Wind (Lillian Gish) (Silent)

Lon Chaney, Sr.

Flesh & Blood 1922 (Lon Chaney) 
Lon Chaney: Behind The Mask Documentary
Road To Mandalay (Lon Chaney Sr) (45 minute version)(below average
quality) (silent)
Scarlet Car (1917 Lon Chaney low quality)

Loretta Young

Man's Castle (Spener Tracy Loretta Young 1933)
She Had To Say Yes (1933 Loretta Young)
The Devil's In Love (1933 Loretta Young) 
The Life Of Jimmy Dolan (1933 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, Loretta Young)
Week-End Marriage (1932 Loretta Young)

Louise Brooks

A Girl In Every Port (Louise Brooks) (Silent)(below average quality)
Beggars Of Life (Louise Brooks) (Silent)(average quality)
Canary Murder Case (Louise Brooks Talky 1929)
Empty Saddles (1936 Louise Brooks) (fair Quality)
It Pays To Advertise (Louise Brooks)(poor quality) (Silent)
It's the Old Army Game (1926 Louise Brooks WC Fields) (fair quality)
Love 'em and Leave 'em (1927 Louise Brooks) (poor quality)

Marian Marsh

A Man Of Sentiment (1933 Marian Marsh))
Saturday's Heros (1937 Marian Marsh)
Strange Justice (1932 Marian Marsh)
When's Your Birthday (1937 Marian Marsh)

Marie Dressler

Prosperity (1932 Marie Dressler)
Reducing (1932 Marie Dressler)

Marion Davies

Blondie Of The Follies (Marion Davies Robert Montgomery) 1932
Enchantment (aka Enchanted) (1921 Marion Davies
Ever Since Eve (Marion Davies 1937)
Floradora Girl (1929 Marion Davies)
Hearts Divided (1936 Marion Davies)
Little Old New York (Marion Davies 1923) (Poor Quality)
Marianne (1929 Marion Davies)
Not So Dumb aka Dulcy (1929 Marion Davies) (also 1940 Ann Southern)
Page Miss Glory (1935 Marion Davies)
Peg O' My Heart (1933 Marion Davies))

Marlene Dietrich

A Foreign Affair (1948 Marlene Dietrich Billy Wilder)
Angel (PAL) Marlene Dietrich
Desire (Marlene Dietrich 1936)
Dishonor (1931 Marlena Dietrich) (PAL)
Follow The Boys (PAL Marlene Dietrich 1944)
Just A Gigolo (David Bowie Marlene Dietrich) (NTSC or PAL)
Knight Without Armor (1937 Marlene Dietrich) (PAL)
Marlene Dietrich: Her own Story
Shanghai Express (1932 Marlene Dietrich)
Ship Of Lost Men (1929 Marlene Dietrich Silent)
Song Of Songs (1935) (PAL) (Marlene Dietrich)
The Lady Is Willing (PAL) (Marlene Dietrich 1942)


20 Million Sweethearts (1934 Ginger Rogers)
Atlantic Adventure (1935 Dwight Frye)
Autumn Born (Dorothy Stratton)
Caught (1949 James Mason)
Dangerous To Know (1938 Anna Mae Wong fair Quality)
Dark Journey (1937 Vivian Leighl)
Dream Wife (1949 Cary Grant)
Easy To Love (1935 Mary Astor)
Father Takes A Wife (1941 Gloria Swanson)
Firesign Theatre Nick Danger & In The Case Of The Missing Yolks
Hedy Lamarr Documentary (PAL Hard burned German subtitles)
Journey Into Fear (1943 Orson Welles) (PAL)
Last Summer (Uncut Fair Quality Barbara Hershey)
Masks & Memories short (1934 Lilian Roth)
Men Are Not Gods (1936 Miriam Hopkins)
Othello (Orson Wells 1952)
Phantom of Paris (1942)
Piccadilly Jim (1936 Robert Montgomery)
Remember Last Night (1935 Constance Cummings, Dir James Whale)
Sepia Cinderella (1947)
Serenade (1940 Low Quality)
The Elephant Boy (1937)
The Gay Bride (1937 Carole Lombard)
The Touch (Fair Quality Ingrid Bergman)
The Trial Of Joan Of Arc (1962, French W/ English Subs)
They Knew What They Wanted (1940 Carole Lombard, Charles Laughton PAL)
Under the Skin (1997 Samantha Morton)

Myrna Loy

Men In White (1935 Clark Gable Myrna Loy)
Naughty Flirt (1931 Myrna Loy Marian Marsh Uncredited)
Petticoat Fever (1936 Myrna Loy)

Norma Shearer

A Clouded Name (1923 Norma Shearer Low Quality)
Devil's Circus (Norma Shearer silent watchable but low quality)
Lucretia Lombard (aka Flaming Passion) (Norma Shearer) (Silent lower quality)
Stolen Jools (Norma Shearer)(short film)
The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (Norma Shearer Dir Ernst Lubitsch 1927)
The Trial Of Mary Dugan (Norma Shearer 1929) (Only OK quality, but better than prints on ebay/I Offer)
Waking Up The Town (1925, 41 min missing 1 reel fair quality)

Peter Lorre

Background To Danger (1944 Peter Lorre George Raft)
Congo Crossing (1956 {Peter Lorre)
Crime & Punishment (1935 Peter Lorre)
Face Behind The Mask (1941 Peter Lorre)
Hotel Berlin (1945 Peter Lorre)
Screen Director's Playhouse No 5 Checked Out (Peter Lorre ida Lupino
rare 30 minute TV show)
The Lost One (Der Verlorene) 1951 (PAL, German with English Subs)

Pola Negri

Barbed Wire (Pola Negri 1927)
Eyes of The Mummy (Emil Jannings Pola Negri Dir Ernst Lubitsch 1922)
The Woman He Scorned (Pola Negri 1929)


Ann Vickers (PAL 1933 Irene Dunne)
Bachelor Apartment (1931 Mae Murray)
Blessed Event (1932 Frank McHugh)
Captured! (1933)
Carnival Boat (1932 Ginger Rogers)
Central Park (1932 Joan Blondell)
Consolation Marriage (1931 Myrna Loy)
Coquette (1929 Mary Pickford)
Dancers in The Dark (1932 Miriam Hopkins)
Daughter of The Dragon (1931 Anna Mae Wong)
Daybreak (Helen Chandler) (1931)
Delicious (1931 Janet Gaynor)
Double Harness (1933 Reginald Owen)
Fall Guy (1930 Ruth Chatterton) 
Flight (1929 Lila Lee)
Goodbye Again (1933 Joan Blondell Helen Chandler)
Greene Murder Case (1929 William Powell Poor Quality)
Guilty Hands (1931 Kay Francis)
Hal Roach Female Comedy Teams (PAL 4 dvdr, 12 film 1928-1934)
Heat Lightning (1933 Ann Dvorak)
Holiday (1930 Very Poor Quality Ann Harding)
I Cover The Water Front (1933 Claudette Colbert)
Iron Man (1931 Jean Harlow)
Ladies Of The Big House (1931 Sylvia Sydney)
Lilly Turner (1933 Ruth Chattertonl)
Men Must Fight (1933 Lewis Stone)
Mystery Of Mr. X (1930 Robert Montgomery)
Nana (1934 Lionel Atwill Mae Clark)
Outward Bound (Helen Chandler Leslie Howard) (1930)
Pagan Lady (Evelyn Brent 1931)
Payment Deferred (1932 Maureen O'Sullivan)
Rockabye (PAL Constance Bennett 1932)
Scarlet Dawn (1932 Douglas Fairbanks, JR)
Secrets (1933 Mary Pickford)
Secrets of the French Police (1932)
Smarty (1934 Joan Blondell)
Stage Mother (1933 Maureen O'Sullivan)
Stingaree (1934 Irene Dunne) 
Storm At Daybreak (1933 Kay Francis)
Street Of Change (1930 William Powell)
Strictly Dishonorable (1931 Paul Lukas)
Success at Any Price (1934 Colleen Moore)
Suicide Fleet (1932 Ginger Rogers Robert Armstrong)
Terror Aboard (1933)
The Common Law (1931 Joel McCrea)
The Gay Bride (1934 Carole Lombard)
The Heart Of New York (1932)
The Keyhole (1933 Kay Francis)
The Lost Squadron (1932 Erich Von Stroheim)
The Racketeer (1929 Carol Lombard)
The Richest Girl In The World (1934 Miriam Hopkins)
The Tip Off (1931 Ginger Rogers Robert Armstrong)
The Trespasser (1929 Gloria Swanson)
Washington Merry-go-round (1932 Constance Cummings)
Wild Gold (1934 Claire Trevor)


Invasion Of The Saucer Men (1957)
Just Imagine (1930)
Planet Of Storms (1962 Pavel Klushantsev)
The Cosmic Monster (1958)
The Unearthly (1957)
Thoughtcrimes (PAL)
Zombies of the Stratosphere Serial (1952)


A Pair Of Silk Stockings (1918 Constance Talmadge Fair Quality)
Edison Collection #1 Includes Frankenstein (1910 Edison) (quality varies) (silent)
Edison Collection #2 Includes Frankenstein 1910 (quality varies) (silent)
Ella Cinders (Silent 1926 Coleen Moore fair quality)
First American Features 1912-1916 (4 dvdr 28 films from Laserdisc)
Greed (1924 Erich Von Stroheim)
Hollywood: A Celebration Of the American Silent Film (7 dvdr)
I Dream Of Lilac Time (1928 Coleen Moore Poor Quality)
Isn't Life Wonderful (1924 DW Griffith)
Java Head & Tiger Bay (Anna Mae Wong PAL)
Lights Of New York (1928)
Lights of New York (1928)
Lilac Time (1928 Gary Cooper Colleen Moore)
Love's Prisoner (1919 Olive Thomas 45 minutes)
Old Heidelberg (1915 Dorothy Gish Eric Von Stroheim)
Orchids & Ermine (Coleen Moore 1927)
Roaring Rails (1924)
Smouldering Fires (1925 Laura La Plante)
The Bat (1926)
The Crowd (1928 Eleanor Boardman)
The Delicious Little Devil (1919 Mae Murray)
The Heart Of Humanity (1919)
The Mating Call (1928 Evelyn Brent Renée Adorée)
The Nickel Hopper (1926)
The Power God (1925)
The Racket (1928 Marie Prevost)
The River (1929 Reconstruction Part Film Part Stills)
The Seahawk (1920)
Toll Of The Sea (1922 Anna May Wong First Color Film)/Anna May Wong Documentary
Traffic In Souls (1913 2 Disc)
Young Rajah (1922 Rudolph Valentino)

Silent Horror

The Last Warning (1929 Laura LaPlante, Paul Leni Fair Quality)

Veronica Lake

Duffy's Tavern (1945 Veronica Lake)
Hold That Blonde (1945 Veronica Lake Fair Quality)
Hour Before Dawn (Veronica Lake 1944) (only fair quality)
I Wanted Wings (Veronica Lake 1941) (Below average quality but
Isn't It Romantic (1948 Veronica Lake)
Miss Susie Slagle's (Veronica Lake 1946) (ok quality)
Out Of This World (1945 Veronica Lake) (Adequate Quality)
Saigon (PAL) (1948 Veronica Lake Alan Ladd)
The Sainted Sisters (Veronica Lake 1948) (Fair Quality, glitch at 37
I've also still got 2 large tubs filled with well over 1,000 films that
I hope to get to in this lifetime. I have little idea what's in there,
they are similar titles as are on this list. If I ever get to go through
them, you'll be the first to know!

Hope To Hear From You Soon,
Geff & the Kitties



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