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Last Message: Dandylion Records 2016 Sale Newsletter #2: CD's E-I

Dandylion Records 2016 Sale Newsletter #2: CD's E-I To order, please just reply to this email. If for any reason you don't hear back within 24 hours an alternate email address for us is FYI (9/19/16): I'm not going to have time to pack anything other then possibly a couple small orders until this weekend; but if you don't mind waiting; I'm sending this out now so you can get a head start! Welcome to the second of the promised blow out sale lists! Prices are going to be drastically lowered ...


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This is a monthly list with our new & sale items, and an occasional complete inventory or sale listing.

Last Message: Correction #2 Dandylion Records N-R Sale

(Mailing List Information, including instructions to stop receiving this newsletter are located at the end of this message) I apologize for the multiple issues with our email program today. I don't know why, but the last emailing eliminated all line breaks. To see a readable version, please go here: I Apologize, Geff To forward this email to a friend, please click the link below.