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Dandylion Records Collectable Films

Collectible Classic Films On DVD-R

Last Message: Dandylion Records Collectable Films Moving Update

Just a brief note to let you know that due to problems with my move, we'll be re-opening later then I expected. Likely somewhere between mid June - late July. Geff ...


Dandylion Records Newsletter

This is a monthly list with our new & sale items, and an occasional complete inventory or sale listing.

Last Message: Dandylion Records Newsletter: Moving In May

(Mailing List Information, including instructions to stop receiving this newsletter are located at the end of this message) I wanted to let you know, Friday 4/29/16 around 2 PM USA PDT will be the last orders we'll be filling until late May or possibly June due to a move. I'm also planning on seeing if is a workable solution; ebay has become extremely unfriendly to sellers of our size. If Discogs doesn't work out, I will likely be sending you blow out sale pricing over the next few months on our cd's &...